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A friend, brother and companion. I'm simple

Here's what i do

I shape intuitive, delightful and pixel perfect deliverables that meet KPI’s for digital products and as well other kind of products.

Glory to JESUS who hath mould me into that which i am today. "I am who i am by His Grace", I cannot but return all Honor and Glory to Yaweh, the Alpha, Omega and LORD of my very being.


My background is in both the Agency and Product worlds where I’ve worked with The Cregital, TinklingD, others and Ensemble Lab—currently I build beautiful digital products and work as the lead experience designer. I care deeply about crafting accessible, scalable, and reusable UI by validating early on in the design process. I have learnt to build strong relationships and actively engaging my Brand, Engineering, and Product counterparts in order to create a consistent experience for users.

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